Ferm living is a brand I particularly love, it inspires me a lot.

Voici une marque qui m'inspire beaucoup, Ferm living.

By M.



I used to think that having my to-do list done would take me to some place of achievement's happiness, give me some peace of mind. But things keep piling down, that's just how it is. This leading to frustration and depreciation of myself. That's when one learns to let go. 
In the previous post I told you about making reasonable to-do list. I believe setting goals is helpful, especially when you easily get distracted - must confess. But accomplish tasks on a list should not become the motive of one getting the work done. Besides, the amount of items on the list can be paralyzing. 
I am starting to have a lot on my plate and I know it is only going to get worse until july. With the diploma deadline coming soon, 2 part jobs and posts writing, I started to schedule my time. Last year, I failed catching on it, biggest failure so far, still having a hard time looking myself in the mirror. Which is why I intend myself to let go off perfectionism, to let go off the self inflicted pressure, although I am not ready to admit that I expect too much of myself - ambition has some hold on me. I am just trying to make room for mistakes and adjustments.

So here it is, I am focusing on what I do in the present time. One thing at a time.
. set your mind to what you're at - present time
. go with the flow
. do not go for over 3 activities a day - this is the amount I can handle
. allow time for annoying tasks, once a week 
. breath, stop for a while here and there, enjoy the silence, the doing nothing, look around and breath
  even deeper

Indeed, as for minimalism, I try to enjoy the path and stop striving for the finish line.

By B.
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He's fresh, he's new and he's young ! Here is my latest discovery of the month for the serie This Photographer. I know him from the school of architecture where we both went to study. Last year he went to Istanbul doing an Erasmus program and his passion for photography has been revealed there!
He did a first exhibition in Nîmes which had an incredible success because he sold everything in a really short time! I selected photos I prefered in his tumblr and I advise you to have a look on it. Matthieu Mazaudier.

Tout frais, tout nouveau et tout jeune ! Voici ma dernière découverte du mois pour la série This Photographer. Je le connais de l'école d'architecture où nous avons tous les deux étudié. L'année dernière il est parti à Istanbul pour faire le programme Erasmus et sa passion pour la photographie s'est révélée à ce moment là! Il a fait une première exposition à Nîmes qui a eut un incroyable succès, il a tout vendu! J'ai sélectionné quelques photos que j'ai préféré sur son tumblr et je vous conseille d'aller le voir. Matthieu Mazaudier.

By M.
Photos by Matthieu Mazaudier.



As de-cluttering takes quite some time, time I do not have right now, I'll talk about it while going through the next house purge. Besides, I don't feel legitimate giving you advice on minimalism,  as I bought a certain amount of stuff lately. Although I've tried to get some perspective on my behavior. 
I realized I was much better at it making lists. Lists of items I would like to buy during the month, the semester or the year. I like to plan things and it allows me time to consider the item. Although I learned to keep those lists realistic to avoid frustration. I also try not to buy on an impulse. I like to take time, to figure out if it is really needed, if I won't get bored with it and if the quality allows it a long life. Also I like to give a thought about the place it will take in my apartment, on my mind and on my time. I am in fact a real concrete person - where the item is going to go, do I have room for it, how much time will I have to provide in order to take care of it, clean it, how often will I use it… those are the kind of questions I like to give a thought. And of course, I try to buy as much as possible items hand made and/or made with consideration for the planet. 

So to resume, if you'd like to buy more consciously, I'll suggest you this:

. make a list of wanted and needed items
. take time to consider each item 
. stick to the list
. stick to what you like, what you are used to
. one is enough, no need to own twice the same item

I value quality over quantity, but is there a real need to say it?
Post due on monday but delayed for planning confusion. Did not share my list - got confused.

By B. 

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As I am cooking more and enjoying it, I started to look for needed items. I intend to buy durable products I could use for the rest of my life. That means well made products in long life materials - wood, font, steel, linen, enamel or even marble. Except for the Le Creuset cocotte, I would rather pick colors that I would not get bored with - natural tones. For the cocotte it's different. In France, I would say that any respectable person owns a Le Creuset. Check your mother's cabinet, there has to be one and you'll tell in which decade she bought it by its color. My grand mother's is orange, as pursued in the early 70's and my mom's red, bought in mid 80's. So I figured, I should get one with the color of my time - pastels. 

Je cuisine de plus en plus et me surprends même à aimer ça. Alors j'ai commencé à rechercher les ustensiles dont j'ai vraiment besoin. J'aimerai acheter des objets qui puissent durer indéfiniment. Ce qui implique de trouver des produits bien faits, dans des matériaux à longue durée de vie - bois, fonte, acier, lin, émail ou encore marbre. Ainsi, hormis pour la cocotte Le Creuset, je pencherai plutôt pour des couleurs dont je ne puisse pas me lasser - des tonalités naturelles. Mais pour la cocotte, c'est différent. Je pense que toutes nos mamans en ont une; et vous pouvez même deviner à quelle époque elle l'a acheté à sa couleur. Celle de ma mamie est orange - achetée début 70, et celle de ma mère rouge, milieu des années 80. Du coup je me suis dit que ce serai bien d'en prendre une avec une couleur de mon temps - pastel.

Glasses and wooden tray - food52 // Mortar and pestle - food 52 // Blender - food 52 // 
Wire basket -Brookfarmgeneralstore // Kinfolk Cookbook - Kinfolk // Enamel Tea kettle - Brookfarmgeneralstore //
Japonese Linen Apron - Le Repère des Belettes // Cocotte - Le Creuset // Wire basket - Joinery

By B.



Fantastik Frank is a real estate agency which bases its sells on the crush of one person for one appartement. They think that one house can only have one buyer and their job is to find him. Their aim is to seduce with strong specifications and tastes. Personally I love this house.

Fantastik Frank est une réelle agence immobilière qui base ses ventes sur le coup de coeur de leurs clients pour l'un de leurs appartements. Ils pensent qu'une maison peut seulement avoir un acheteur et leur boulot est de le trouver. Leur but est de séduire avec des goûts affirmés et une vraie personnalité. Personnellement j'adore cette maison.

Photos by Fantastik Frank.

By M.



This week, the Figuettes help you to have a perfect Valentine's day. And what is a love night without music? Nothing, you're right! So here is a little Playlist for the V-day. You will see that there are ups and downs in this compilation, just like in ALL love stories. Ok, it is not a so cool and chic playlist than the ones B. prepares you every month but this may help you fill in the blanks in a great conversation with your future-ex-boyfriend or to take action a little faster. Let us know!

Cette semaine, les Figuettes vous aide à passer une parfaite Saint-Valentin. Et qu'est-ce qu'une nuit d'amour sans musique? Rien, vous avez raison! Donc voici une petite Playlist pour le jour J. Vous verrez, il y a des hauts et des bas dans cette compilation, pour faire comme dans toutes les histoires d'amooouuur. D'accord, cette playlist n'est pas aussi bien que celles que B. vous prépare tous les mois, mais cela peut vous aider à combler les blancs dans une super conversation avec votre futur-ex-petit-ami, ou bien à passer à l'action un peu plus rapidement. Faites-nous savoir!

picture from weheartit

By A.



Inspiration for the Saint Valentine's Day.

1 Top from Princesse Tam Tam / 2 Flowers and pot from Serax / 3 Candle from Diptyque / 4 For bath from Aesop / 5 Glasses for good wine from HAY

By M.




I am sure you have already seen these pictures somewhere else.

INGELA P ARRENHUIS is a famous illustrator and she is one of my favorite. The reason might be that she is a swedish artist. I love her drawings and the colors she is using for. It inspires me happiness and sunny peace. Even more, she pushes me to begin illustration!

These products get so obvious that she makes them a must-have for your kids and even for you. She is working for omm design or ferm living, both trendy design retailers loved by The Figuettes.

pictures from her bloglinoluna and ommdesign

By A.

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At some point I felt overwhelmed by the quantity of my surroundings. I could feel the weight of having too much on my shoulders. A wardrobe too full, an email-box/desktop saturating, an apartment too crowded by belongings, too many goals to accomplish and too many people to give pieces of me as well… 
I traveled quite a bit, and moved many times over the past few years and I must admit it has been exhausting. On my last big trip - 6 months in south america - I left with a 50L backpack and that was it. And that was enough. Way enough. 
So coming back, I decided to do something about it. Before I go on with how I started de-cluttering any field of my life, I'll tell you what this experience has taught me so far

-allow time to process things and relationships
-take it one step at a time / box by box / shelter by shelter / room by room
-the ability to let go comes most of the time on its own - unconsciously. No need to force it, no need to fear it.
-allow place for mistakes, nothing's unchangeable

As "time" seems to be the key here, I'll end up with saying that this is an experience, a journey, as I said in the first post. Which means you should not rush it. Minimalism is a way of life, not a trend, enjoy it to its essence. 
Here are a few blogs that helped me getting organized: deadfleurette and especially this post, :mnmlist,  unechicfille and lately cheandfidel

I realize this was more of a background than a cut in the practical subject but there's so much to say, I need time to process the whole thing - to divide and categorize each actions in order to tell them in a proper way.

Ps: I know I'll often refer to objects, people, habits or even situations with same kind of angle - notice that I am not cold-hearted - but I am a loner, and I appreciate the various distance I can have and enjoy to thus objects, people, habits or even situations to be the one that makes me happy or not unhappy at least. 

By B.

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Une recette vraiment facile pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas manger de gluten ou/et de lait, et pour ceux qui aiment les bonnes choses.

4 oeufs / 150g de sucre roux / 125g de poudre de noisettes

Séparer les blancs des jaunes.
Mélanger les jaunes avec le sucre. Battre les blancs en neige. Introduire petit à petit les blancs en neige dans le mélange jaunes-sucre. Ajouter la poudre de noisettes.

Huiler un moule (et oui, pas de beurre! ou du beurre végétal...).
Enfourner à th.4 (180°C) pendant environ 35 minutes. Vérifier la cuisson en enfonçant la pointe d'un couteau, s'il ressort sec, c'est cuit.

Petite variante possible en ajoutant des éclats de chocolat. Miam miam!

- - - - -


A very easy recipe for people who can't eat gluten or/and milk products and those who like good things.

4 eggs / 150g of brown sugar / 125g of hazelnut powder

Separate egg whites and egg yolks.
Mix egg yolks with the sugar. Beat egg whites until stiff. Slowly introduce the whites to the yolks-sugar mix. Add hazelnut powder.

Oil a mould (no butter ! or vegetable butter...).
Bake at th.4 (180°C) for some 35 minutes. Check the cook by stabbing the cake in the middle, if the knife is clean, it is ready.

Possible variant by adding chocolate flakes. Yummy!

By A.



Last weekend, a baboon and her fella had turned into dos gatos. Discover their metamorphosis ! Free city guide >>



Having a cup of coffee during winter is just a perfect time to have great discussions with friends and hanging around without anything to do. Simple pleasures.
At coffee club. Street St Guilhem, Montpellier.

Prendre un café pendant l'hiver, c'est le moment parfait pour avoir de grandes discussions avec des amis et trainer sans avoir quelque chose de particulier à faire. Les plaisirs simples.
Au coffee club. Rue St Guilhem, Montpellier.

By M.



This is my mantra. I've been trying to live a simpler, easier and less-distracted life for a few years now. It's a lifetime journey I'm enjoying each day, and I came to a point where I need to talk about it. As it might become handful to any of you out there, I thought this would be an appropriate place to talk about it. So little by little, maybe one subject at a time, once a week, I'll be telling you what I did, what still needs to be worked on and what deep or superficial changes it brought to my everyday life. Even though this week is going to be about less procrastination, I'll get into the subject next monday. 

Grâce, équilibre, esprit, coeur : c'est mon mantra. J'essaie de vivre une vie plus simple, plus facile, et moins "distraite" depuis quelques années. Je ne pense pas un jour atteindre quelque achèvement que ce soit, mais j'aime le chemin que ça me fait prendre chaque jour. Je suis arrivée à un point où j'ai besoin d'en parler. J'ai pensé que ça pouvait donner de l'idée à certains d'entre vous et donc, que ça pourrait être l'endroit approprié pour en parler. Alors petit à petit, peut-être un sujet à la fois, une fois par semaine, je vous parlerai de ce que j'ai fait, de ce qui mérite d'être travaillé et des changements, profonds ou superficiels, que tout cela m'a apporté. Alors même si cette semaine sera vouée à moins de procrastination, j'entrerai dans le vif du sujet lundi prochain. 

By B. 


Let's be honest, february is the real deal! January is there for adjustments - it allows us time to think about the previous year, to put it all in perspective and start making resolutions. Ours were posted, loud and clear - improve ourselves, getting even happier and share as much love as possible. 
So take chances. Tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all your cash. Get to know someone random. Say I love you. Sing. Out loud. Laugh at stupid jokes. Cry. Apologize. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell a jerk what you think. Laugh till your stomach hurts. Regret nothing. Live life.

Soyons honnête, février c'est vraiment là que ça commence! Janvier c'est bon pour les ajustements, ça nous donne du temps pour faire le point sur l'année précédente, pour mettre les choses en perspectives et définir nos résolutions. Les nôtres sont sur le blog, noir sur blanc - être une meilleure personne, être encore plus heureuse et partager autant d'amour que possible.
Alors tentez votre chance. Dites la vérité. Sortez avec quelqu'un qui n'est absolument pas pour vous. Dites non. Dépensez tout votre argent. Apprenez à connaitre quelqu'un de banal. Dites je t'aime. Chantez. Haut et fort.  Riez à des blagues stupides. Pleurez. Excusez vous. Dites à quelqu'un à quel point il compte pour vous. Dites à un abruti ce que vous pensez de lui. Riez jusqu'en avoir mal au ventre. Ne regrettez rien. Vivez. 

By B.



André Saraiva is a french artist who created a character Mr A and he taggs walls with this little fellow. He's also wellknown as he did a huge tagg of first name surrounded by hearts.
You can see an interview of him on vimeo.
"Graffiti is not vandalism but a beautiful crime."

André Saraiva est un artiste français qui a créé un personnage  Mr. A et il taggue les murs avec ce petit bonhomme. Il est également bien connu pour faire des énormes tags de prénoms entourés par des coeurs.
Vous pouvez voir une interview de lui sur vimeo."Le graffiti n'est pas du vandalisme mais c'est un beau crime." 

By M.