Ok, I can't be serious about that because I deeply think that if i can carry on doing stuffs i love to do, it would already be a perfect year, and on top of that surrounded by my people.
It's all I can wish.

By M.
All right reserved to I don't know who.



definitely trying everyday to be a better person.

By B.



Here is already the end of January. So for this last week of the month, we are presenting you our "good resolutions" for 2014. For sure, these goals are coming like additionnal projects to the major aspirations that we are trying to follow everyday, and it starts by being a good person.

By As.



A new serie >>>>>> the favorites  <<<<<< meaning that we will present you, as much regularly as possible, everything we like, want, dream, use, etc. but with some order. It's always good to add order.

An hybrid post for the first one.
Here are our five best anti-blemish solutions... in the graphical manner of Alessandra Olanow.

1- Dermalibour Cream, A-derma
2- La Roche Posay, Effaclar-Duo
3- Mene moy, Face & Body cleanser
4- La Pharmacie de l'Ecusson, Soin anti-imperfections ("home-made" by a pharmacy in Montpellier, France)
5- Avène, Cicalfate

By As.



Evening you all! 
I thought it'd be nice to introduce you to (for those who do not already know her) the wonderful Cassey Ho! She is THE personal trainer every figuettes need. The 3 of us practice with her on a (almost) daily basis. 
I ran into one of her videos about 2 years ago now. She had just started to put these work out on youtube. I was in Lima, Peru, at that time, pretty lonely in this huge megalopolis - we'll talk about this trip very soon - and the food over there was, let's say - not the cleanest! I wasn't living in the safest area either, so going for a run was not an option. I decided to practice in my so called room, in front of my computer. Because yes, in Lima, you do not have water everyday but you do have internet.
Anyway today, her videos evolve into calendars, her suggestions into plans but her motivations, happiness and will to share remain the same! Between her youtube channels - work out videos, clean eating…, her blog, her app, her classes and her brand, I'm starting to think that some people get more than 24 hours in a day.
So enough talking, get your yoga mat out, your booty short on and let's train insane with Cassey Ho!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, everything is 100% free.

you'll find her there:  blogilates.com , youtube channelpinterest...

have a sneak peak, this is her latest video.

By B.

Ps - the 6 months project aka thehawaiibikinibody to be revealed soon



Recette du dimanche

A simple recipe to rediscover roasted potatoes.
2 or 3 potatoes per person. You can peel it or not, as you want.
Half cut the potatoes in thin slices to open it and roast it inside.
Add olive oil, salt and pepper. I also add unpeeled garlic to give some flavor.
Let's cook at 200°C for 45 minutes.
Perfect with burgers !

Une simple recette pour redécouvrir les pommes de terres rôties.
2 à 3 pommes de terre par personne. Vous pouvez les épluchez ou non, comme vous voulez.
Couper partiellement les pommes de terre en fines tranches pour les ouvrir et les faire rôtir de l'intérieur.
Ajouter l'huile d'olive, le sel et le poivre. J'ajoute aussi de l'ail en chemise pour donner un peu de goût.
Laisser cuire à 200°C pendant 45 minutes.
Idéal pour accompagner les burgers !

By As.



I had a crush on it. I never use a bike, but this one makes me dream about a simple lifestyle with a taste of freedom. 
These bikes are from french designers Boltz & Saos. These are designed and produced in France with a high quality level. The Wood.b/ nexus 8 is my prefered one. Now I can start pedalling to get one bike of my dreams.

J'ai craqué sur lui. Je ne fais jamais de vélo, mais celui ci me fait rêver à une façon de vivre qui aurait un goût de liberté. 
Ces vélos sont faits par des designers français Boltz & Saos. Ils sont dessinés et produits en France avec un haut niveau de qualité. Le Wood.b/nexus 8 est mon préféré. Maintenant je peux commencer à pédaler en attendant d'avoir le vélo de mes rêves.

Go and see their video !

Photos from website

By M.



I decided to let go off the failures, the dismaying pain of being the useless testimony of a life one watches passing by but does not own, to keep faith in the good and trust that somehow you never left. Somewhere along the bitterness, somewhere discreet like you, I'll have tea, you'll make jokes, and we'll listen to jazz while watching the birds up high. 

J'ai décidé de lâcher prise sur les échecs, sur l'effroyable douleur de n'être que l'inutile témoin d'une vie que l'on ne possède pas, de garder la foi en ce qui est bon et de croire que d'une certaine manière tu n'es jamais parti. Quelque part le long de l'amertume, quelque part de discret comme toi, je prendrais le thé, tu feras des blagues, et on écoutera du jazz en regardant les oiseaux. 

By B. 
playlist for pensive tea time.



It's been perfect to be with family during these holidays and enjoying good meals my parents made.

Ces vacances étaient parfaites à apprécier de bons repas faits par mes parents et à passer du temps avec la famille.

By M.




Brian Mackay Lyons is an architect I discovered during my studies in Canada. His work is based on the analysis of the local materials and landscape. Houses often look like rough objects dropped poetically somewhere, and he plays with monochromes tones. It seems that the house has always been here.

Brian Mackay Lyons est un architecte que j'ai découvert pendant mes études au Canada. Son travail est basé sur l'analyse des matériaux locaux et du paysage. Ces maisons ressemblent souvent à des objets bruts posés poétiquement quelque part, et il joue avec les tons monochromes. On a l'impression que la maison a toujours été là.

By M.



I discovered this dutch artist a few weeks ago. I really like the way he works with a reduced palette of blacks and whites. Everyone can make its own interpretation. And what a cosy atelier !
I definitely imagine one of his canvas on my walls. Maybe one day...

J'ai découvert cet artiste néerlandais il y a quelques semaines. J'aime vraiment la manière qu'il a de travailler avec une palette si réduite de noirs et de blancs. Tout le monde peut avoir sa propre interprétation.  Et quel bel atelier !
Je m'autorise à imaginer une de ses toiles sur mes murs. Un jour peut-être...

By As.



I'm proud to show you the beginning of a new DIY in this blog ! I'm learning to knit and it's really pleasant to see how you can do so many things, I'm already thinking of models and styling clutch bag or dresses that I will wanna do... But for now I'm still a beginner...

Je suis fière de vous montrer le début d'un nouveau DIY sur le blog ! Je suis en train d'apprendre à tricoter et c'est réellement plaisant de voir qu'il y a tant de choses que l'on peut faire, je suis déjà en train de penser aux modèles et de dessiner des pochettes ou encore des robes que je vais avoir envie de faire... Mais pour le moment je suis juste une débutante...

By M.



After the Christmas holiday season, it is good to stay home and get some rest. Perfect to start 2014 off right.

By As.




It's a color I find very special, deep and perfect for winter. I first saw it with Chanel and I had the nailpolish which is beautiful.

C'est une couleur que trouve vraiment spéciale, profonde et surtout parfaite pour l'hiver. Je l'ai d'abord vu chez Chanel et j'ai eu le vernis qui est magnifique.

1 Skirt (COS) 2 Flowers (Riazzoli blog) 3 Tray (HAY) 4 Lipstick Le rouge noir (Chanel) 5 Food (Suvi sur le vif blog)

By M.


2014 //

After one wonderfull week of holidays, the figuettes are back in town !!

Après une merveilleuse semaine de vacances, les figuettes sont de nouveau dans la place !!

By M.
Photos from M in French Alpes.