I visited Italia and Amalfi coast during the summer. We went from Amalfi to Positano and Capri. All the views are beautiful and stunnings. But don't go there when it's summer. It's crowded and you can't enjoy the whole beauty of the place. Though, we spent good times and eat really well, many pizzas and spaghettis alle vongole !
Be careful, you can fall in love again there, it's a place made for it. It's full of romantic places and you can feel La dolce vita in every stone.
We really enjoyed historic places like Pompei, and Herculanum which are intriguing for they're intact. You feel like there are still people living in these houses. The ruins are telling so much stories.
In others places, little towns like Positano, Amalfi, Praiano, Ravello, you can see panoramas with the blue of the sky, of the sea, and you feel like you are falling in these blue.
My preferred place were Ravello, and the villa Cimbrone, it's simply a perfect place to stay, to meditate. You have horizontal lines. One for the sky, one for the sea, and one for the balcony. They sum up the life like this, it's as simple as that...

Photos by M.



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