Evening you all! 
I thought it'd be nice to introduce you to (for those who do not already know her) the wonderful Cassey Ho! She is THE personal trainer every figuettes need. The 3 of us practice with her on a (almost) daily basis. 
I ran into one of her videos about 2 years ago now. She had just started to put these work out on youtube. I was in Lima, Peru, at that time, pretty lonely in this huge megalopolis - we'll talk about this trip very soon - and the food over there was, let's say - not the cleanest! I wasn't living in the safest area either, so going for a run was not an option. I decided to practice in my so called room, in front of my computer. Because yes, in Lima, you do not have water everyday but you do have internet.
Anyway today, her videos evolve into calendars, her suggestions into plans but her motivations, happiness and will to share remain the same! Between her youtube channels - work out videos, clean eating…, her blog, her app, her classes and her brand, I'm starting to think that some people get more than 24 hours in a day.
So enough talking, get your yoga mat out, your booty short on and let's train insane with Cassey Ho!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, everything is 100% free.

you'll find her there:  blogilates.com , youtube channelpinterest...

have a sneak peak, this is her latest video.

By B.

Ps - the 6 months project aka thehawaiibikinibody to be revealed soon