One bunch fresh mint. Try to find an Arab grocery store. Moroccan mint has a different taste than most other mints.
One or two spoons of chinese gunpowder tea depending on the volume of tea wanted.
One liter of boiled water.
5 or 6 teaspoons of sugar (depends if you like it sweet)

1: Boil the water
2: Clean the mint (don't need to separate the leaves from branches).
3: Put one or two spoons of gunpowder tea in the moroccan teapot. The more you put gunpowder tea, the more the tea will be strong and bitter.
4: When the water boils, put more or less 10cl of water in the teapot, shake slowly and then throw the water away. It decreases the bitter taste of the gunpowder tea.
5: Put the clean mint in the teapot (leaves and branches together).
6: Add the boiled water.
7: Add as much sugar as you like.
8: Wait about 3 min.
9: To mix sugar and tea, pour tea in severals glasses and put it again in the teapot.
10: You can also add pine nuts in the glasses to have a better taste.

By M.